Saturday, August 29, 2015

"the time in between"

"the time in between"
a poem from a boat and a good place by jake kilroy.

i was a wrecking ball once,
every man says,
when he finally sleeps
without women
beside him
or in his head -
a loft of a brain,
stylish and overdecorated;
what good life becomes
once former flames die out,
this time with no phoenix
napping beneath the ash.
what mud courses through you,
natural and slow, like molasses,
without the sweet taste of nostalgia.
you've given up blood.
you've given up poems about blood.
you've given up biting in kisses,
for the most part.
you see the world for what it is:
and you wonder why you always
barreled through it like you didn't have time,
now, here, resting easy in the quiet of a night
when the moon hangs, and your neck rolls,
and you're down to water over wine,
for the most part,
and you ready yourself to be wilder than ever.